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Commercial Baking Business

By PutoPinoy on Thursday, May 31, 2007 At Thursday, May 31, 2007


Bread is one of man's earliest food. Today it is considered a staple food in most Western countries and is part of the diet of almost all people all over the world. Commercial baking and the other industries supporting it have become big business and constitutes a large slice of the food industry.

In a study done by the Center for Research and Communications (CRC) in 1994, the income derived from baking bread and related products rose from P2.5 billion on 1992 to 4.5 billion in 1994. Given the Filipinos increasingly busy lifestyle and growing taste for Western food, bread has gained popularity and increased consumption as shown by the increasing number of commercial bakeshop and their successful operation all over the Philippines.

There are several advantages that a bakery business offers a new entrant. One, he is free to choose his market. Two, it is not difficult to find a good location for a bakeshop. Since bakery products are considered as a daily consumable, any populated area is a good place for a bakeshop. Three, there are hundreds of bread varieties that can be adopted by a bakery to satisfy the taste of his consumers. Fourth, the industry enjoys continuous growth.

In the Philippines, socio-economic factors affect the growing consumption of bread and other flour-based products. These factors have long-term implications especially for somebody who is seriously planning to invest in a bakeshop. The potentials of a bakeshop business are bright if we consider the following: 1) the Philippine population is continuously growing, with almost half of the population considered as belonging to the youth, who are the most influenced by new trends in eating or dining; 2) the developing Filipino palate for Western food where bread is a staple item; 3) the growing urban population and urban centers where the fast and busy lifestyles put a premium in convenience food; 4) the increasing number of women and mothers who work outside the home, who do not have time to prepare the traditional Filipino meal, and increasingly rely on Western-style food; 5) the increasing income of the Filipino households.

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