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Sticky Turron Saba Recipe

By PutoPinoy on Saturday, June 16, 2007 At Saturday, June 16, 2007

Turn your over ripe saba bananas to a gourmet dessert, sticky turon saba caramelized, crispy and sticky.

  • 1 bunch of over ripe saba bananas (soft to the touch, peel is almost blackened)
  • native lumpia wrapper
  • white sugar (or light brown sugar )
  • A little bit of salt (if desired), to counter the sweetness.
  • flour and water to seal the edges
  • Pandan leaves or langka fruit or basil leaves


  1. Top and tail saba bananas,then peel. If you wish, add some salt to the sugar.
  2. Prepare the lumpia wrappers by cutting some of these in half.
  3. This "half wrapper" will be used to "double wrap" the turon in case of tears and small holes where the oil might seep through.
  4. Place on one end where you will roll the turon.
  5. In a working bowl, press one saba banana with fingers (like playing the piano) onto the sugar-salt mix making sure all sides are covered. In other words, bruise the saba banana with sugar, as much as you can.
  6. Then, if you want a different kind of turon, press one o basil leaves on top.
  7. Start to roll the saba. Place sugared saba on the doubled side of the wrapper.
  8. Roll as for lumpia and seal with four-water slurry. Leave to sweat out the sugar syrup beads for about an hour or more. (Hint: Faster sweating if you keep in the freezer even for half a day.
  9. When the turones are sweating, heat oil and pan fry gently till all sides are caramelized and crispy and sticky. Drain well to lessen the oiliness.