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Fruit Cocktail Surprise Bars

By PutoPinoy on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 At Wednesday, January 18, 2012

>500g milk chocolate, cut into chunks
>1 brick 250ml all purpose cream
>1/2 tbsp instant coffee powder
>1 can (439g) fruit cocktail, drained & chilled
>4 packs (25g each) plain crackers
>white chocolate chips, for topping

1. Using a double boiler, cook chocolate until just melted (do not let it boil). Add all purpose cream and coffee powder. Stir gently. Set aside.
2. Segregate and arrange crackers on a tray. Top each with a few pieces of fruit cocktail. Pour on the melted chocolate carefully.. Top with white choco chips. Chill to set.

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