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Chicken Nuggets Cheezee and Barbecue

By PutoPinoy on Friday, October 08, 2010 At Friday, October 08, 2010


2 cup palm oil
2 box chicken nuggets
5 cup cooked rice, cooled
1 cup store bought barbecue sauce
1 bottle cheese spread
1 pack Nori, toasted and cut into 3x1” strips


Cook chicken nuggets in hot oil until golden brown. Set aside.

Form rice into small rectangular pieces the same size as the nuggets. Spread Cheezee on top of rice then top with a nugget. Wrap with nori to secure the two pieces together. Do the same with the rest of the nuggets until one box is finished. Do the same with the rest. A second variant may also be done using barbecue sauce in place of Cheezee.

Makes 24 pieces.